Ultimate Energy Mastery

Is it time to take charge of your spiritual growth and create deeper meaning for your life, relationships and career?

Ultimate Energy Mastery

Is it time to take charge of your spiritual growth and improve your energy so that you can succeed more meaningfully in life, relationships and career?

Life Reset

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We partner with successful entrepreneurs, c-suite execs, and high-achievers ready to break through their current ceiling and achieve greater success in life, career and relationships.
To achieve your goals you must create your life stacks.

Developing your life stacks will establish new levels of vitality, efficiency, better relationships, and success in all areas of your life, creating long lasting energy and fulfillment.

The 5 Phases To Achieving Your Goals.

Enthusiasm comes from en-theos. Literally in God. To break through your ceilings you must tap into your passions, purpose and enthusiasm.
Achieving goals are less about the goal and more about who you become. If you become the type of person who achieves those types of goals – then those goals just seemingly and effortlessly show up in your life.
95% of people fail to achieve their goals because they hit, what I call, the wall. You must master your energy and emotions so that you can let go of the toxic people, circumstances, and habits that hold you back.
Then there’s the confusion and excitement phase and a huge chunk of that 5% start chasing shiny objects. This is the what’s truer phase and very few find their authentic path and scramble into the busy but getting nowhere path.
This is the last phase of mastering all of your life stacks. In turn creating on demand levels of vitality, efficiency and success in all areas of your life.

Let’s define your life stacks.

Using our Ultimate Goals Mastery™ Method… our proven system for:

Finding your balance and groove to reach new levels of success, wealth and happiness.
Sharpening your intuition to make decisions with total confidence, clarity and ease.
Letting go of toxic habits, situations and people holding you back.
Holding healthy boundaries and creating the life and relationships you deserve.
Mastering your energy, time and emotions creating a life of long lasting fulfillment.
Building on your integrity to protect your happiness and staying true to you and on point with your mission, purpose, passion and spirit.

Meet Leo Richard

Personal Development Expert, Energy Coach and Spiritual Teacher

🦁 Why listen to me? Because I have over 65,000 hours in spiritual practice, +35,000 client hours in 1:1 and group settings, completed 7 years of study in meditation and energy work and teach energy-based tools proven to grow self-awareness, time freedom, success and relationships.

Hi! My name is Leo and I am not just your typical spiritual type person. I run a business. I am a Dad. Life is intense some times and I am a high achiever.

I keep it grounded and don’t take flack from anyone.

And I partner specifically with other high-achievers because I know the self-awareness pitfalls that can keep you stuck in your personal hell of what is limiting you.

Let alone doing it as your true authentic self.

My style of teaching combines inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and humour. At times, I wonder if I am a comic or a spiritual teacher… Jury is still out.

BTW – Humour is foundational for self-confidence, success and love.

My coaching focus is incredibly clear, with empathy that will challenge you to be your optimal and best self.

You have dreams. I have dreams. We all have dreams. The difference between people who manifest them and don’t is the reality they currently believe is true for them.

Here’s how it goes.

Whatever is going on in your daily life (for better or for worse) is a manifestation of your spiritual reality.

I teach you the tools to have greater awareness of this.

You do the work to shift your life.

And I keep you accountable.

Schedule a call below to change your life and I mean it…

I’ll help you change your life so that you will actually achieve your goals.


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