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My name is Leo Richard and I am a personal development and spiritual growth expert. I’ve taken my 50,000+ hours of energywork and developed a clear and easy to apply system to free your energy and achieve more.

I’ve worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life; politicians, executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and teachers to name a few.

Born a highly intuitive person, I’ve experienced spiritual and energy phenomena and awareness of others’ emotions, energies and auras since early childhood.

These experiences have led me to form a life experience and strategies that combined my empathic sensitivities with a growing challenge to live a genuine and meaningful life with integrity in today’s modern world.

Leo Richard

Personal Development Expert and Spiritual Teacher

It wasn’t until I decided to do a complete life overhaul where I learned the 4 essential ingredients needed to free yourself to achieve more.

Balance is created through Imbalance. Consciously this is done through your edge of growth. Unconsciously it shows up as high stress, failed relationships and negativity.
Integrity with your core self. This is really allowing you at core to run the show. Our lives and society is structured in good vs bad. Right vs. wrong. In coming from your core you are no longer trapped in those dichotomies.
Redesign your life. Without it you face the constant repetition of old patterns and experiences that you no longer want. Done intuitively and intelligently, you achieve more.
Mastery of your energy and emotions. Your inner life. This is where all of your energy is tied up regardless of what you think about what’s going on around you. Used correctly, it is your greatest resource to immediately experience freedom.
As difficult as that life overhaul was when I was going through it, walking away from a 13-year relationship, 2 successful companies and a city I grew up in, it was the best decision I made in my entire life because of where it has brought me to, today.

I have an amazing family, great sense of freedom and a kick-ass career that gets me up every morning with the biggest smile on my face.

I bring my real life experiences of what it takes to free your energy into practical and easy to apply tools so that my client’s can achieve more in their lives, careers and relationships.

It’s amazing what you can do, and what doors open with the right tools, lots of energy and integrity.

I also learned to excel in all areas of your life without compromising one success for another you need balanced levers in place.

This is especially true for your mental, spiritual and emotional energy. There really isn’t a way around that, as it will show up as stress points in your life and eat away at your time.

I also am a huge advocate for the environment. I’ve been at the forefront of 2 major global movements for protecting the planet and our future. So today, I bring my 20+ years of expertise in personal development and my enthusiasm and commitment for social good to bring to light my client’s inherent good nature.

Together, let’s make an amazing positive difference in the world.

Leo Richard’s Perspective On Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

All Healing is Self-Healing

Ultimately, you are responsible for your life no matter what’s going on. We provide you the tools to manage your heavy responsibilities with ease, efficiency and confidence.

Respect for Personal Space and Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are more than just saying no or turning off your phone after work. We help you improve your energy-based (mental, emotional and spiritual) boundaries so that when you walk away from something, you actually do.

Emotional Well-Being

Emotions at their fundamental levels are just forms of communication. Unprocessed or unresolved emotions create major blind spots in your ability to read situations accurately and can have lasting negative consequences. Transforming your relationship with emotions creates an ally that helps you make incredibly sound decisions.

Spiritual Free Will

You have the right to free will. However, how much freedom do you really have? Culturally, politically, religiously/spiritually? We have been programmed since before birth about the who, what and our whys. Time to claim back our power individually so that we can collectively transform the world for the better.

Spiritual Journey

There is so much more to you than your work, your relationships, your daily life but what is it? There is a deep emergence inside of you that is calling forth to move forward in your journey. It is the greatest ride of your life. Are you ready to take it?