Focused Call

Let’s move you forward in balance and Fulfillment.

Focused Call

Let’s move you forward in balance and Fulfillment.

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(Some words from others about me below)

Chris MacLean – Specialist at Arctic Canadian Diamonds

I was fortunate to connect and start working with Leo about 10 years ago after I had just finished attending all of Tony Robbins seminars. Tony taught me the mechanics of thought and how to remove self-limiting beliefs, but as a highly Intuitive and Empathic person, I was still left with lots of questions.

I decided to look into Meditation and Spirituality courses to try and understand this energy and maybe gain a few tools that would help me live a higher quality life and be more compassionate with myself and others, that’s when I found Leo. I had no idea exactly what I was getting into at the time initially but it was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. At the time I was a Senior Manager working in a Male-dominated Testosterone driven high-stress environment.

Working with Leo not only helped propel my professional career but most importantly helped me understand a completely different world and taught me tools that I still use today to help me live a higher quality life, which in turn helps me give more to others.

Most people say that Meditation changed their life… Try taking a program on it! Whether it’s understanding energy or emotions, learning to create healthy boundaries, to grounding out energy that doesn’t serve you. You have to understand the tools before you can fully use them for your benefit.

Guarantee your life will be upgraded. Invest in You!

Make Your Mark

Leo will help you make your mark in the world. He helped me clear the clutter, set some very important boundaries and I can’t thank him enough. For anyone who needs support in manifesting their vision, Leo is a great asset.

Patrick Kronfli

Jay Sinha – Author, Co-Founder, Life Without Plastic.

Leo has a vast realm of experience to draw on as he coaches, and access to knowledge and insights that are out of the ordinary – and profoundly powerful. Integrity is a core element of his approach. Accountability is key. He is humble and responsive. He zooms into practical detail and out to the big picture as needed.

Make no mistake, you must do the work, but with Leo in your corner, you will have utterly unique, solid, multi-dimensional support.